A list of awesome brands for men that are trying to break up from fast fashion, or at least to freshen up their wardrobe.

💚 Selected Brands

Tela Bluhttps://www.telablu.com/

Asket https://www.asket.com/

Artknit Studioshttps://www.artknit-studios.com

Casa Ginhttps://www.casagin.com/

Sheep Inchttps://sheepinc.com/

Eco Alfhttps://ecoalf.com/

Chnge https://chnge.com/

Afends https://afends.com/

Seek Collectivehttps://www.seekcollective.com/


Frankie Collectivehttps://frankiecollective.com/

Spell https://aus.spell.co/

Kotn https://kotn.com/

Honest Basicshttps://www.honest-basics.com/

Known Supplyhttps://knownsupply.com/

Yes Andhttps://joinyesand.com/

Toad & Co

Tela Blu: great people from Turin (Italy) with full transparency on their sourcing https://www.telablu.com/it/catalog/t-shirt

Womsh: vegan sneakers made in Italy https://www.womsh.com/

Re-Bello: https://www.re-bello.com/

Rifo Labs: https://www.rifo-lab.com/

Sheep Inc: you don’t just buy a sweather, you will basically adopt the sheep that provided the whool. Every product is tracked to the source. https://sheepinc.com/

Maison Cashmere: Started in Florence in 2005, they focus in Cashmere and they are their own producer. https://maisoncashmere.it/

Mariseperusia: https://mariseperusia.it/

Artknit Studios: https://it.artknit-studios.com/

Kotn – B-Corp Certified https://kotn.com/

Ko Samui Tailors: indipendent designers from Venice (Italy) https://www.kosamuitailors.com/

Known Supply – B-Corp Certified https://knownsupply.com/

COS: run by H&M, it is still a A Style Apart favourite for its high quality basic t-shirts https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/men/t-shirts.html

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